Errors & Omissions

Travel has its risks. Running a travel agency shouldn't.

Romance. Relaxation. Adventure. As a travel agent, you're in the business of selling all this and more. But what happens when a travel experience includes some misadventure? An incorrect departure date. The wrong itinerary. A forgotten passport. Or worse, a "slip and fall" or other type of physical injury to your client while traveling. It only takes a client who believes you have erred to file a case against you, whether or not the facts actually support their allegations.

Professional Liability Insurance provides valuable coverage for owners and employees of travel agencies and tour operators in the event of any errors and omissions claims. While you cannot completely eliminate the likelihood of a claim, how you choose to manage risks makes a difference as an agency manager.

Errors & Omissions Professional Liability Coverage is comprehensive and affordable. It includes:

  • Errors and Omissions claims against you, your agency or its employees that may involve either actual or perceived errors.
  • Bodily injury and property damage liability coverage that protects against catastrophic losses involving injury or death to your clients while traveling.
  • Personal injury coverage that protects against charges of libel, slander, false arrest, detention or imprisonment. For example, this situation could arise if your clients do not possess proper passports or travel visas.
  • Unlimited legal defense expenses are integrated into the policy limits. Legal costs can skyrocket even in cases where travel agents are deemed not to be liable.
  • First dollar defense, another policy feature, means that there is no out of pocket expense for legal costs. The deductible applies only to paid claims.
  • Worldwide coverage means that no matter where your clients travel or where the claim is made, you're protected.

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